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Gain Weight with Maximuscle Progain Extreme

Maximuscle have been around for several years now and probably the most prominent in the UK marketplace at the moment.  Progain Extreme from Maximuscle is their answer to gaining solid muscle mass weight and is ideal for those that are hard gainers or who find it difficult to add mass and weight.  Maximuscle Progain Extreme consists primarily of carbohydrates but is closely followed by protein as well, in approximately a 52 to 33 ratio.  Further to the carbohydrate/protein content, Maximuscle Progain Extreme also contains added creatine, albeit a small amount in relation to the serving size at 3 grams per 125 gram serving. Similarly, added HMB and glutamine peptides to help with muscle recovery and repair.

Right now at the Monster Muscle sports supplement store they are offering Maximuscle Progain Extreme at an incredibly low price and they are throwing in some extra goodies too such as some free USN Creatine X4 capsules and a free shaker.  The shaker is ideal for mixing and can be used to carry around the Progain Extreme powder and when needed just add some water and shake.  And, to supplement the minimal amount of creatine in Maximuscle Progain Extreme, Monster Muscle is giving away free USN Creatine X4 capsules which will boost your daily creatine intake.  Not only do the creatine X4 capsules contain creatine, they also have taurine and beta-alanine for improving your focus and muscle pumps in the gym.

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