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Supplement sales soar in the UK

The supplements industry in the United Kingdom has come a long way over the past decade or two.  There has been a massive growth in the number of monster supplements and users of these supplements to help them achieve their fitness goals.  Monster supplements were mainly viewed and thought of in the past to be used solely by bodybuilders, however, now, it is quite the opposite, I know of friends and family members that use supplements.  Now, that may be down to the prominent and wide array of marketing that supplement brands have carried out over the years, to bring the attention to the masses, or it could be that they have read about the health benefits of taking such supplements, or a bit of both.

Some of the main brands in my opinion in the UK, would be Maximuscle (everyone knows about them), PhD Nutrition, Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN), Sci-Mx, CNP, Gaspari (an American brand, but now becoming more and more popular in the UK), Optimum Nutrition…the list goes on, these are a select few.  Maximuscle appeared in the news recently, regarding the sale of the parent company, Maxinutrition to Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), a major worldwide pharmaceutical company.  They don’t get much bigger than GSK, a FTSE 100 company, and are the third biggest pharmaceutical company in the world by a revenue measurement.  They mainly specialize in pharmaceutical products and vaccines, along with a whole host of preventative medicines.  More recently, in late 2010, GSK announced the acquisition of the UK’s biggest monster supplements company, Maxinutrition, in the region of 162 million GBP. From a company that was relatively new ten years ago, to 162m is a reasonable achievement! Maxinutrition is a perfect example to illustrate just how the market has grown over such a small time period. Monster Muscle are retailers of the UK’s leading brand, Maximuscle but also stock many other monster supplements.