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USN Pure Protein IGF 1 Review

USN have firmly established a reputation for formulating quality, great tasting protein products in the market with their trademark's such as Muscle Fuel Anabolic and Hyperbolic Mass. However, now the spotlight shifts to their blend, can Pure Protein IGF-1 live up to expectations?

One thing we notice instantly is that Sci-MX and USN's formula's are almost identical – especially for protein – which would explain the apparent separation of the companies a while back which led to the creation of Sci-MX. We're pleased to report that USN Pure Protein IGF 1 has upheld its reputation as a quality product in the market, by predominantly including the most bioavailable form of protein, whey isolate. This follows with whey concentrate which again is great, calcium caseinate which follows the superior slow release micellar casein, and soy protein isolate, which may compliment the overall amino acid content nicely – with of course, the regular inclusion of egg albumin form bioavailability. With quite a bit over 70 grams of protein per 100grams of product, this is a very good blend compared to the rest on the market and one which is also fortified with additional glutamine for recovery and repair.

In fact, Pure Protein IGF 1 is so similar to Sci-Mx GRS-5 Protein that we're finding it difficult to differentiate between the two. USN's product is marginally lower in carbohydrates, whilst Sci-MX seems to have fortified with some extra BCAA's, but apart from that, with almost identical vitamin blends too, we see no reason but to give USN's Pure Protein IGF the exact same praise!

In summary, USN Pure Protein IGF 1 is a very good blend, which can be used nicely to compliment your daily protein intake and build lean muscle mass, also, potentially as a diet tool to lose fat for some individuals and aid performance. Don’t miss this supplement, try it, we don’t think you will be disappointed.